About Us

The partners of Nexus Health Group provide the highest quality healthcare to patients in Southwark. Our doctors, nurses and all our other staff are dedicated to offering a professional service.

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Practice History

Historical Background

The practice was created by the then Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Family Practitioner Committee in October 1988 to meet some of the increasing need for Primary Health care services in that part of the former old London Docks that lie south of the River Thames. This had been undergoing extensive redevelopment by the London Docklands Development Corporation from the mid 1980s. Initially the hope was that existing practices in the area would be able to cope with the increased workload by using the newly built Surrey Docks Health Centre as branch surgeries but by early 1988 the F.P.C. had decided that a new practice was required.

The Practice to The Present Day

The practice was started by Dr. Patrick Holden in October 1988 with zero patients and practice numbers have climbed steadily over the years. Dr. Pamela Marrinan joined the practice in March 1993. Dr Phipp joined the practice in July 1998, although for family reasons relocated to Norfolk from July 2001. Dr Kerstin O’Connor joined the partnership on 1st July 2001, 2003 and Dr Sumeeta Dhir on 1st October 2011. Dr Noel Baxter left the practice in June 2015.

In addition to the partners there are several Salaried GP’s working in the practice. Dr Amy Swainston started in 2010. Dr Howard Sleeth has been working in the practice since August 2014. Dr Aparna Babu joined the practice in January 2016

Staffing levels have gradually increased with the growth of the practice and there is a team of 14 administrative staff which includes the practice manager, 7 receptionists and 6 admin staff.

Geography of The Practice

The practice area used to extend from Tower Bridge in the west to Deptford in the east including the entire Rotherhithe peninsula. With the coming of the new GP contract the boundary has been pulled into the Rotherhithe peninsula only, although some of those long standing patients still remain on the list.

The practice is based in the Surrey Docks Health Centre, which is in the heart of the Rotherhithe peninsula. The original single storey Health Centre was demolished in 2014 when the practice moved 100 yards down the road to its present site.

The practice shares the Health Centre with one other GP practice who uses it as a branch surgery. Other users of the Health Centre include Midwives and Psychologists.

The Health Centre is just a stone’s throw from the very corner of Downtown Road and Salter Road and the address is:

Surrey Docks Health Centre
12-13 Blondin Way (off Downtown Road)
SE16 6AE

Philosophy of Care

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

At Surrey Docks Health Centre it is our aim to provide an exemplary primary health care service for all patients registered with the practice and making use of the services available.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families, with the advice and guidance of an understanding healthcare professional. At Surrey Docks Health Centre this philosophy lies at the heart of our intentions.

We promise to listen to each patient as the individual they are and to treat them to the highest standards of evidence-based care available without judgement. We will do this meeting each individual’s needs for dignity, independence, freedom of choice, safety, control and privacy.

We will use the best evidence-based methods and guidelines always to ensure safe and effective practice. We will aim to exceed benchmarks across our continuum of care without ever losing sight of the individual patient and their needs.

At Surrey Docks Health Centre we strive to provide a high standard of care throughout each patient’s journey recognising the differing ethnic, cultural and spiritual needs of the service users and their carers. We embrace diversity and choice, including individualised approaches to care and we recognise the importance of a holistic approach.

All members of staff at this surgery play their part in the ongoing improvement of services and by ensuring best possible outcome every time for every patient.

Commit to participation and transparency in all of our care decisions and actions.

Encourage programs to promote collaboration and meet changing technology and consumer expectations.

Use evidence-based methods to exceed benchmarks across our continuum of care.

Facilitate the best possible outcomes and most efficient use of resources by engaging our highly skilled professionals, equipped with advanced information.

Maintain the highest caliber of experienced and qualified staff in the pursuit of our business goals.

Provide an environment for staff that promotes health, personal growth, teamwork and professional excellence.

Hold ourselves accountable to our mission, vision, values and excellent customer service.